Dear Unique Kayak Cambodia,
What can I say, I had a tremendous day of culture, fun and adventure all rolled into one.

We left Siem Reap early in the morning to arrive at the silk farm and learn how the local people breed silk worms and turn them into beautiful scarfs which was a very fascinating process to see and a lovely start to the day. We then continued towards the local market at Puok district. Here we could see and feel the hustle and bustle of the local people trading their wares without any other tourists insight. This truly is an of the beaten track experience and a great opportunity when taking photos of local markets and the other local activities that surrounds the area.

After the market we embarked on a short drive to the edge of the great lake (Tonle Sap) where we were met by the local boatmen who were full of smiles and ready to welcome us aboard. This is where the adventure started! We left on our wooden boat and headed towards the centre of the lake passing local fishermen with their nets catching their daily feed. Continuing our journey we passed floating houses, markets, schools and pagodas before reaching our safe-house which was where we were going to enjoy lunch. Before lunch though, it was time to kayak. The team was very well organised, professional and safe, when preparing each of our kayaks.

We then started to kayak through the flooded forest which was like something out of a movie. It was amazingly tranquil, peaceful and most certainly magical as we gently kayaked through the forest. We were also very lucky and managed to spot some monkeys and other wild animals whilst there. This was a fantastic experience and one that left us feeling amazed. We kayaked for about 2 hours before heading back for lunch. By this time we were hungry so lunch had to be good and guess what, it was. There was plenty of meat, bread, drinks and fruits. It was fit for a king! After lunch we continued to Kayak across the main lake passing the local families who had plenty of smiles before reaching our next stop point at the local school. We then boarded our boat and headed towards the local pagoda which we had passed on the way. The Monk then kindly blessed us with holy water and sent us on our way with good luck wishes for the rest of our travels. This capped the day of nicely and left us with some amazing memories which I shall cherish for the rest of my days.
Thank you guys and hopefully see you again in the Kingdom of wonder.
Nathan Harris and Mary Harris

Dear Unique Kayak Cambodia,

My wife and I would like to thank Unique Kayak Cambodia Company for the great experience of our tour with you on Dec. 16.  I am sorry to be late in sending my comment – finally I am happy to do this before the end of the year. Please, find hereafter the text for your website:

“Indeed, the tour with your agency is an unforgettable experience of Khmer lifestyle and culture: The tour was composed of a visit to a pagoda and the blessing by a monk, an extended boat trip, the stay and a delicious meal with a Khmer family in a floating village house and of kayaking through the unique mangrove forest. It was great to getting to know and to experience this extraordinary ecological system.

Excellent organization, perfect care by staff and the well planned and implemented components of the program together with all necessary security precautions made the tour an enjoyable event. Thanks to good organization this tour was appreciated by elderly participants as well as by young couples with children.

We hope that in future many more participants may have the chance to get the same experience.”

With best regards
Sabine and D. Eckard Emmel

Dear Unique Kayak Cambodia,
The day we had with “Unique Kayak” was unforgettable. It was so diverse, starting with the silk farm, driving along the rural villages and the rice fields and then traveling on the river of the Tonle Sap to the point where the kayaks were. The highlight was definitely the trip through the mangrove forest in our group. It was amazing how you had laid out the path with the help of the local villagers. The fun and excitement never stopped and even the smaller children travelling with us showed no sign of being bored or exhausted. We felt so close to nature and Khmer culture of the highly adapted lifestyles the lake people had developed. The lunch on the boat house was great. The tour through the village was marvelous and exciting. I recommend this trip to all those who are looking for a unique experience close to nature and the far from the usual touristic hubs. We will come back and recommend this day trip to all.

Thanks Jan and Family

Dear Unique Kayak Cambodia,
We just returned from a week in Cambodia – seeing Phnom Penh, the country side, and Angkor Temples were excellent. Most importance of all, we arranged a tour with Unique Kayak Cambodia. I told Sam what I was looking for then he created an itinerary that was a perfect fit. We could not have been more pleased with the travel service – communication was great both by phone and email (his English is excellent) they got us away from the tourist trap places and we were able to see and meet the local people in this great village. We would gladly recommend Unique Kayak Cambodia for anyone looking for a personalized tour beyond Angkor tours in Cambodia.
Thanks, James and Kathy Thompson

Dear Unique Kayak Cambodia,
How are you doing? After returning from our trip to Cambodia safely I want to thank you again for the very good arrangement you provided for our trip. We both enjoyed our trip very much, the friendly people, the beautiful scenery  managed by Unique Kayak Cambodia and – of course – the delicious food at local home hosted by the family on the lake and we have both already decided to visit Cambodia again. And of course we will recommend Unique Kayak Cambodia to our friends. 🙂
Best regards, John Smock

Hello Unique Kayak Cambodia,
I wanted to thank you for your kind words for my birthday which is tomorrow for us, Dec 19th. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed Cambodia and our time with you and with our guide, Danith! As my husband told you, five days were not enough at all. I’m looking forward to a time when I can return for a longer period of time. I’d been longing to see Angkor Wat for so very long. It was such an incredible place, and Bayon as well, and I would love to see these places and more at as many times of the day as possible. It was beyond  Angkor temples that we saw the visit to the village with gentle kayaking was EXCELLENT. The local lunch hosted by the family managed by Unique Kayak Cambodia, excellent as well. Your staff was so friendly and welcoming. I have so much more to say, but the words are not enough to explain just how touched I was by my visit to your country I hope you will keep in touch and we look forward to working with you and having a meal with you again in the future.
Best regards, Tom Cash